Measure S failed! Thank you to all of the volunteers and supporters of the No on S campaign for all of your hard work to stop the housing ban. Final Election Results can be found at

Vote NO on Measure S! It goes too far.

Destroys Jobs • Increases Homelessness • Drives Up Rents

Measure S is a housing ban that would indefinitely ban most new housing in Los Angeles, increasing rents, destroying jobs, and making the homeless problem even worse.



No on Measure S Coalition

The Coalition to Protect LA Neighborhoods & Jobs – the largest coalition in the history of the city – is coming together to stop Measure S.

United Way
of Greater Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Eric Garcetti
Los Angeles Mayor

L.A. Federation of Labor

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Voices Against Measure S

“If passed, this initiative would be a disaster for our economy and Angelenos’ wallets."
"Measure S will drive L.A. into recession, will cost taxpayers millions, and will make our housing and homelessness crisis even worse." Eric Garcetti, Mayor of LA
"The authors of measure S say it will punish developers – but it really punishes renters, taxpayers, the homeless, and workers." Anne Miskey, Downtown Women's Center

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