Coalition to Protect L.A. Neighborhoods & Jobs


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Vote NO on the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative. It goes too far.

The Neighborhood Integrity Initiative is a housing ban that would indefinitely ban most new housing in Los Angeles, increasing rents, destroying jobs, and making the homeless problem even worse.

Help stop the Housing Ban

Here’s why the broadest coalition in the history of Los Angeles has come together to fight this initiative:

We need more, not less, housing. By reverting to decades-old density requirements, it makes it virtually impossible to build new, adequate, and affordable housing.

This initiative will block efforts to build more homeless housing, forcing more families from their homes by dramatically increasing housing costs.

By severely restricting the supply of housing in Los Angeles, it will increase demand exponentially - dramatically increasing rents and pricing out middle and working class renters and homeowners.

By arbitrarily shutting down all major construction projects in the city, it will eliminate hundreds of thousands of working and middle class jobs, throwing L.A.’s economy into a tailspin.

We are the Coalition to Protect L.A. Neighborhoods & Jobs -- the broadest coalition in the history of the city -- coming together to stop the housing moratorium.

The Neighborhood Integrity Initiative would stop the building of just about everything, from housing for the homeless, to hospitals, schools, and parks, and would cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

Its consequences are so severe that the broadest coalition in the history of Los Angeles is coming together to oppose it.

We are:

• United Way of Greater Los Angeles

• Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce

• Eli Broad, Philanthropist 

• Inner City Law Center

• Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing

• Covenant House California

• And more ... See FULL LIST

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