Why NO on Measure S

  1. New studies out of Harvard show Los Angeles needs to build 382,000 new units just to meet current demand. If Measure S (the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative) passes, it will make it virtually impossible to build those units.  
  2. Homeless advocates like the Inner City Law Center point out that most new homeless are a result of skyrocketing rents and lack of available housing units. Measure S will restrict housing even more, driving homeless numbers up and pushing families onto the streets. 
  3. The Southern California Association of Governments predicts L.A.'s population will increase by 500,000 over the next two decades, adding a city the size of Long Beach to our already impacted housing market. Measure S will make it impossible to meet that demand, driving up demand and rents. 
  4. The harmful initiative bans virtually all new housing and construction in the City of L.A. Nowhere in the initiative language does it ban developer contributions or address corruption.
  5. The LA Times calls Measure S "a recipe for higher housing costs, more homelessness and greater inequality." With vacancy rates at an extreme low, our city cannot afford this damaging ban on housing.
  6. Does our city planning need to be fixed? Yes, but this initiative goes too far! A ban on housing will only will make our housing crisis much, much worse by severely restricting housing supply, driving up rents, accelerating gentrification and mansionization, and costing the city millions in lost tax revenue for police, firefighters, parks, and other vital public services.
  7. According to the New York Times, studies show that laws like Measure S "contribute to racial segregation and deeper class disparities. They also exacerbate inequality by restricting the housing supply in places where demand is greatest."
  8. Recent studies indicate rent in Los Angeles is rising at a much higher rate than incomes. With high demand coupled with limited housing units, a ban on housing will only further drive up rents. Our city desperately needs to be adding as many housing units as possible, not banning their creation.
  9. Experts agree that the creation of all types of housing is imperative to the long-term solution of our current housing crisis. Measure S only adds to the problem by indefinitely banning the creation of virtually all housing in our city.
  10. According to City of Los Angeles data, 90% of all planned opportunity sites for affordable and permanent supportive housing projects would come to an immediate halt under the Housing Ban initiative.  


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