Statement on City Council Campaign Contribution Motion

Five Los Angeles City Councilmembers introduced a motion yesterday to prohibit candidate contributions from developers and their principals during and shortly after reviews of their projects.

The Coalition to Protect L.A. Jobs and Neighborhoods applauds this constructive approach to campaign finance reform, and looks forward to it having a full hearing in City Council.

Campaign finance is one of many issues that Measure S's backers raise but ultimately fail to address -- a smokescreen to confuse voters into supporting a housing ban that will drive rents higher and cost Los Angeles thousands of jobs. Nothing in Measure S regulates campaign finance!

The Measure S campaign is built on similar deceptions:

  • The campaign claims to address displacement, but the construction they would ban demolishes existing housing at a rate 500 times less than typical construction
  • The campaign claims to address evictions and protect rent controlled buildings, but the measure is silent on state laws that govern evictions or rent control and will lead to an increase in evictions
  • The campaign claims to address "megadevelopments" but there are no size thresholds for the housing Measure S would ban -- is a 42-apartment affordable senior housing development in Panomara City a megadevelopment?

If Measure S had addressed campaign finance in the first place, we'd be having a different conversation. Instead, we're assembling the biggest coalition in L.A. history to prevent a half-baked initiative from making our housing crisis worse and blowing a hole in our economy.