Statement on Council-Led Planning Reform

The Los Angeles City Council voted today to require the updating of Los Angeles’s 35 community plans every six years, and to require the allocation of the necessary funds to allow the Planning Department to fulfill that obligation.

We applaud the City Council on this action that will create a welcoming L.A. for renters and workers, new arrivals and longtime residents alike, by locating jobs and housing near transit, and showing that the city is responsive to the voters who in November 2016 backed an end to homelessness with Prop HHH and a 21st-century transit system with Measure M.

The passage of Measure S would not update these plans any sooner, and would only serve to punish renters and workers while community plan updates are underway.

Indeed, while the council action requires funding for community plan updates, Measure S’s housing ban would drain public funds. Its first two years of effects would cause a $3.8 billion hit to our local economy, which in turn would cause a $70 million hit to public budgets. That figure is nearly twice the size of the Planning Department—or enough to pay for 1,000 police and firefighters. 

The backers of Measure S have been invited to work on constructive solutions by councilmembers, Mayor Garcetti and community leaders. Each time they walk away from the table, because they want one thing above all else:

A housing ban.