Statement on Defeat of Measure S

Diverse, historic citywide coalition defeats deceptive housing ban

The historically broad and diverse coalition that united to defeat Measure S, the harmful anti-housing initiative, has declared victory. 

Tonight Los Angeles can breathe a great sigh of relief,” said Gary Toebben, President & CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. “And tomorrow, the coalition that formed to defeat this dangerous initiative will continue advocating to make Los Angeles better—pushing for updated community plans, transparency in government, and the creation of the housing at all levels that Los Angeles needs to truly thrive.”

“The No vote on Measure S says in a clear voice that Los Angeles wants to stay on the path it charted in the November election,” said Ron Miller, Executive Secretary, L.A./O.C. Building and Construction Trades Council-AFL-CIO. “We are a welcoming city that wants to create jobs, end homelessness, and take full advantage of our 21st-century transit system.”

From the moment Measure S was first introduced as the “Neighborhood Integrity Initiative”, a broad coalition began to assemble, warning that it would make Los Angeles’s housing crisis worse and deal a blow to its recovering economy. Business, labor, affordable housing developers and advocates, tenants’ rights advocates, urbanists and environmentalists, academics across a multitude of fields, neighborhood council members and elected officials all announced their opposition. A campaign team rich with volunteers reached out across the city, winning the endorsements of neighborhood councils, and political groups of every size and orientation.  

The historic coalition ultimately proved unstoppable, and the vote against Measure S—despite an onslaught of campaign cash and a barrage of billboards—demonstrated that the supermajority support for Prop HHH (homeless housing) and Measure M (transit) in the November 2016 election represented a lasting commitment to a forward-looking Los Angeles.