Statement on Harbor Gateway Sea Breeze Reports

Coalition supports calls for investigation, regulation and enforcement of political contributions—not a housing ban

In the wake of reporting by the Los Angeles Times that campaign contributions from donors linked directly or indirectly to the developer of the Harbor Gateway Sea Breeze project appear to come through “straw donors,” the Coalition to Protect L.A. Neighborhoods and Jobs supports calls for thorough investigations and enhanced enforcement of city campaign finance regulations.  

The Neighborhood Integrity Initiative’s backers are misleading the public by presenting the initiative as a solution to the scourge of political spending. In fact, it does nothing to stop illegal campaign contributions:

  • It does not change who may give money to elected officials. 
  • It does not propose additional city ethics laws. 
  • It does not provide additional funds for enforcement of existing city ethics laws.
  • Its moratorium is not for political donations, but for new construction.

Instead, the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative goes too far:

  • It bans new housing for the homeless at 92% of city-identified affordable housing opportunity sites
  • It increases rents by prohibiting thousands of new housing units—in 2015, 9,099 proposed new homes would have been banned by the NII, punishing the residents of L.A. by making housing even less affordable
  • And it costs jobs, worsens traffic, and prevents the construction of new police and fire stations.

The Sea Breeze development proves that Angelenos deserve better enforcement of the laws on the books, better funding for campaign finance regulators, and more transparency. No one should respond to abuses of campaign financing by instituting a housing ban.