Statement on LAEDC Southern California Construction Report

The key messages of the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation report Building the Future: Construction in Southern California, the Industry, its Jobs and its Economic Contributionreleased today, highlight the importance of defeating Measure S, the building moratorium known as the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative, on the March 7th Los Angeles city ballot. 

The report warns of the importance of the construction industry to Los Angeles’s economy, the fragility of its recovery, the rising importance of multi-family housing to construction in Southern California, and the great need for more housing construction to end homelessness and address the region’s housing needs.  

Passage of Measure S would result in the loss of thousands of construction jobs, which would in turn threaten the economic recovery. It would make it impossible to build the housing needed to make rent affordable in Los Angeles, let alone solve homelessness with the resources Los Angeles voted for by historic margins in the last election.

“Passing the building moratorium would be like unplugging life support just as the patient’s about to make a recovery,” said Ron Miller, Executive Secretary at Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building & Construction Trades Council. “The results would be felt in thousands of construction workers losing their jobs and hundreds of thousands of renters feeling an even worse crunch than they do today—to say nothing of those who would wind up homeless.”

In addition to the building trades, Measure S is opposed by the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, United Way, and dozens of advocates for the homeless and neighborhood council leaders. See the growing list of supporters working to stop Measure S at 

The full LAEDC report may be downloaded here.