Statement on Neighborhood Integrity Initiative vs. Obama Housing Toolkit, UCLA/UCR Economic Reports

Torrent of reports agree that California's housing market has problems. The NII would make them worse 

This week has seen the release of three major reports, which taken together suggest that the last thing California—and Los Angeles in particular—need is the kind of housing ban the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative would produce.  

The UC Riverside School of Business's Economic Forecast and the UCLA Anderson Forecast both warn that failure to increase housing supply will hurt California's economy.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration released its Housing Development Toolkit that called special attention to Los Angeles's struggles (p6):

Though popular coverage of these challenges has been most focused on the Bay Area, Seattle, and major East Coast cities, Los Angeles provides a clear illustration of the impact of the primary barrier to development – restrictive zoning. In 1960, Los Angeles was zoned to accommodate 10 million people; after decades of population growth and increased demand, the city is today zoned for only 4.3 million people.9 As Los Angeles leaders face a housing affordability and homelessness crisis, Mayor Garcetti and members of the City Council have tackled this problem by endorsing state plans to increase development and pushing for updated city plans and approval processes to facilitate new housing construction, in addition to committing new city funds toward affordable housing.

By creating an effective housing ban, the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative would prevent Los Angeles from addressing that exact affordability and homelessness crisis. That's why the broadest coalition in Los Angeles history, including business, labor, neighborhood activists and homelessness advocates has come together to oppose it. Full list of endorsers at