How to Vote NO on Measure S by Mail

This week, Vote by Mail voters in Los Angeles County will begin receiving their ballots in the mail for the Consolidated Municipal and Special Elections of March 7, 2017.

Measure S will be on page 4 of that ballot.

Measure S Ballot

If you are someone who votes by mail and never misses an election, read on. If you are not a permanent Vote by Mail voter and would like to change that, click here.

Your Vote By Mail package will include a packet of instructions, your ballot card, write-in ballot and secrecy sleeve, and a return envelope.

To mark your choices, use only black or blue pen. Match the number of your choices with those on your ballot, and fill in the entire oval.

To return your ballot, remove the ballot stub from your official ballot card and place in the secrecy sleeve. Place it into the return envelope and print your residence address where prompted.

Sign the back of the envelope! If you don’t sign, your vote won’t count.

The returned postage required for a Vote by Mail ballot is a single first-class stamp. If you want to save on postage (or want to take your time to fill in your ballot) you may drop off your ballot at your polling place in person on election day. Find your polling place here.

If you make a mistake or otherwise damage your ballot, you can call (562) 466-1323 or (800) 815-2666 to request a replacement. You can also vote in person -- just bring your damaged ballot with you.