Measure S Mailer Check: Just How Much Affordable Housing Does Measure S Ban?

Lie 4We don’t even know where to begin with "phony projects designed to make developers richer." We’ve already established how Measure S bans vast amounts of affordable housing construction. Our best guess: Measure S’s backers know that 270,000 Angeleno households pay more than 50% of their income in rent, and they just don’t care.
But it’s worth repeating—and as Urbanize.LA reported on Tuesday, Measure S’s exemption for “100% affordable developments” is a sham because it bars General Plan amendments.
It’s not just those city-owned opportunity sites that Measure S would stop, either. Here’s Robin Hughes, President and CEO of Abode Communities, which has long been at the forefront of the battle for affordable housing in L.A., to explain:
Abode Communities’ approach features some mixed-income, mixed-use projects. Consider the Rolland Curtis Gardens, a mixed-use community serving a range of lower income families, currently under development near USC. Its residents will be able to walk to the newly opened Expo Line. They’ll have access to community-serving retail and an on-site health care clinic. Affordable housing developments like Rolland Curtis —which responds to Los Angeles’s current development needs in every conceivable way—would be eliminated if Measure S were to prevail. Was that what its authors had in mind?
Another example, the Slauson & Wall Village planned for South Los Angeles, is currently a deserted, contaminated lot that performs no function and is a blight on the community surrounding it. With a General Plan amendment, the new development would bring 140 units of affordable housing at a range of income levels, a four-acre park, and a community center to the neighborhood. If Measure S passes, the lot will remain vacant and polluted, possibly for decades. 
For some reason, Measure S skipped Fact #5 and went straight to Fact #6. It wouldn’t surprise us if the people whose affordable housing exemption fails to exempt affordable housing didn’t know how to count to ten, but it’s more likely that they’re just padding the numbers. Either way, we’ll pick up next with Fact #6: Measure S Will Make Traffic Worse.