Mayor Garcetti Urges No on S

Mayor Eric Garcetti joined the No on S Coalition at Casa Heiwa in Little Tokyo to add his voice to our citywide movement to Stop the Housing Ban.
“All Measure S does is slow down the progress we have made in Los Angeles,” said the Mayor, who explained how Measure S would stop 9 out 10 affordable housing sites from going forward, would cost 24,000 jobs, and would overturn the will of the voters who passed Prop HHH by landslide margins in November.
Joining Mayor Garcetti to warn of just what Measure S could do were the residents and directors of Casa Heiwa, 
Casa Heiwa
Gary Toebben of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, “Measure S would throw a roadblock in front of our recovery from the Great Recession. Many people now employed in construction and related industries would be out of work if Measure S passes."
Gary Toebben
Rusty Hicks of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, “This is one issue where business and labor certainly agree. In November, Los Angeles said with one voice that we want housing, we want good local jobs, we want transit, we want a better L.A."
Rusty Hicks
Jackie Valladares Echo Park. “My family has been a victim of gentrification. My family’s home was sold from under them because our city did not build enough housing.”
Jackie Valladares
Robin Hughes, Abode Communities. “Measure S bans the tools we need to solve our housing crisis.”
Robin Hughes

Watch the full press conference at the Goes Too Far Facebook page