Debunking Yes on S Mailer -- Part One


Just before New Year’s Eve, Measure S sent their first mass mailing to the homes of Los Angeles voters. The mailer doesn’t make a lot of sense… unless you switch the words “Fact” and “Lie”, at which point it all becomes clear. We’ve asked some of our coalition members to fact-check the mailer: 

So, what’s the story? Here’s Stephanie Klasky-Gamer of LA Family Housing*, who’s been building affordable housing in Los Angeles for decades, to explain it. 


Measure S will stop affordable housing construction. It will make it incredibly difficult to build the 10,000 units that Angelenos voted for by record margins with Prop HHH just last November. 

It’s true that Measure S contains a so-called “affordable housing exemption" — see section 4.5.1 — and it’s just as true that it’s a sham exemption. As you can read in the initiative language at their own website, the affordable housing exemption only applies to zoning changes. If an apartment building requires a General Plan Amendment, Measure S bans it.

Last year, the City looked through all of its property to find the twelve best sites to start building affordable housing. The Los Angeles Times reviewed those sites and found that of the 12, Measure S would ban construction on 11 of them. When the city decided to sell two of the sites to fund affordable housing, Measure S banned construction on nine of the ten remaining sites. That’s 90% of the scarce land available to build affordable housing, shot down before the first plans are even drawn up. 
L.A. voters chose to invest more than a billion dollars to fight homelessness by building 10,000 new apartments for the chronically homeless.  Measure S would result in the exclusion of hundreds of locations that otherwise could have strong community support. 
We need all the tools in the toolkit to fight homelessness. Measure S bans those tools. Please vote no on Measure S!

Next, we’ll ask why Measure S’s backers think L.A. has too many jobs. 

* not a billionaire