United Way: Measure S Would Block Housing For The Homeless

Last November, an overwhelming majority of Los Angeles voters approved Proposition HHH, agreeing to increase their own property taxes to help pay for permanent supportive housing for our ever-growing homeless population.

Homelessness is consistently a top issue for Los Angeles voters, who see their neighbors struggling on the street every day. But if Measure S were to pass, 90 percent of land set aside by the city to build the housing mandated under Prop HHH would be stopped in its tracks. 

Here’s Elise Buik, President & CEO of United Way of Greater Los Angeles, to explain:

Elise Buik

There's a parking lot in Lincoln Heights that the city wants to turn into housing for the homeless. It's all ready to go. Problem is, if Measure S passes, it will block this housing from happening, resulting in more homeless people sleeping on the streets.

I’m going to be as blunt as I possibly can. Measure S is bad for LA and bad for vulnerable families that are a paycheck away from the street. Vote NO on S to give tens of thousands of homeless people a chance at a home they can afford.

Last year, homelessness in LA increased 12 percent. That’s 5,640 men, women, veterans, and working families. It’s not impossible to fix. We can do something about it.  

Together we’ve fought for a better LA and won. Let's do it again.