South LA says 'No on S!'

On February 16, South Los Angeles elected and community leaders stood together at the site of 150 units of affordable senior housing along the under-construction Metro Crenshaw line and urged voters to reject Measure S, which would freeze investment in South L.A. just as it’s taking off after years of under-investment.

Current zoning in Los Angeles’s South and South East Community Plans make it extremely difficult to site the high-quality and mixed-use developments that will yield the housing and neighborhood options that South LA residents need and demand.

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Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson: "The stakes are too high and the drawbacks too great to sit out of the March 7 election. Angelenos have waited too long for quality workforce housing and Measure S will only prolong the wait and leave hardworking men and women in construction related industries jobless."

Herb Wesson

City Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson: "I don't think that when they were writing Measure S they traveled south of the 10 freeway. Because they didn't see that we still have a lot of vacant lots in our community. Bit giant vacant lots. We still have far too many people who work in this community who can not afford an apartment or a place to live, much less one that you can buy."

marqueece harris-dawson

Tamika Butler, Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition: "If you say stop building houses, you're just pushing us further out. If there aren't homes that we can afford near transit, where are we supposed to live? Where are we supposed to go?"

 Tamika Butler, Executive Director, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

Annie Brown, West Angeles Villas resident: "The thing that we need to do right now, is say 'no.' We need to say 'no' to Measure S. We need to stick together on that."


Watch the full press conference at the Goes Too Far Facebook page.

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